Excursions & Tours – Half Day, Full Day, Individual Sightseeing Tours

Excursions help you experience the very best of a destination. Talas-M offers a diverse selection of Montenegro excursions ashore, from leisure sightseeing to exciting activities which increase your level of adrenaline.

Allow us to guide you through the beauty of Montenegro. Discover our country’s pure blue seas, beautiful beaches, high and wild mountains, lakes and national parks, fishermen’s villages and historical old cities and towns. Many attractions are under UNESCO protection or preserved national parks.

Iconic sights, breathtaking scenery, inspiring history and culture. Each part of Montenegro is brimming with exciting possibilities. Each part of Montenegro is unique, but it’s unique self.

Montenegro offers great possibilities for one day excursions. You can experience both coastal regions and high mountains on the very north with half day excursions. From Montenegro you can also easily visit neighboring countries; Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, all just in a one day excursion. Perhaps you would like a relaxing cruise in amazing Boka Kotorska bay, or enjoy breathtaking views from mount Lovcen serpentines while you taste smoked ham and cheese with a glass of wine.

If you wish to escape from everyday life, we are able to fulfil your dreams, giving you the opportunity to visit wonderful places in the Mediterranean pearl – Montenegro.
We organize different group and individual sightseeing tours in Montenegro regions guided by licensed tourist guides in high class transportation.

The most popular excursion are: Mini Montenegro tour: Cetinje and Njegusi, National park Skadar lake, Two Canyons: rivers Tara & Moraca, Rafting on river Tara, cruise on Boka Bay, Monastery Ostrog, Monastery tour, Fish picnics, Dubrovnik – Croatia, Skadar – Albania, Trebinje – Bosnia and Hercegovina.