Important Updates Regarding COVID-19 in Montenegro

Talas-M Incoming Travel Agency & Tour Operator takes special care of all its clients! We are all in the same boat and, together we can sail during any bad weather! We are sure that the weather will change and blue skies will come sooner than later!

As a responsible company, we take all precautions regarding travel & the development of COVID-19 within Montenegro very serious. We continue to regularly monitor the local situation as well as work hard on all active requests as if the outbreak will ease down very soon. Which we certainly hope will!

Covid-19 Status in Montenegro

Presently, the situation regarding COVID-19 in Montenegro is much better than some neighbouring countries! Montenegro is a country with 0 case, we do hope that it will stay like that and that soon we will be able to welcome you on well deserved Summer holiday.

As a travel related company, we are are doing the best to avoid any larger local outbreak. Up till now, the few Montenegro cases were all imported, monitored and quarantined. Obviously, this gives us a head start preparing for any eventual worse situation.

However, we continue to do our primary work planing and organising for all of you that intend to travel to Montenegro. Of course, once the overall situation allows it. We certainly hope this will be in the very near future. If you have any question please contact us at anytime pr simply send us your requests.

We feel that we have to use our time wisely, if you would like to know more about Montenegro please let us know we can arrange a conference call and live presentation of the destination.

Below, three official links with updated information on the Montenegro & European situation regarding COVID-19.

Thank you!

Your Montenegro DMC